The Lost Bunnies

What it was like growing up with rabbits.

Washing Dishes

What it feels like to wash dishes.

How to make a salad

All you have to do is follow these simple steps...

Art, Not Art

Director’s comments from the artist’s latest work of art, Art, Not Art.

Touch, Stare, Watch

An exploration of the self and its various states of being.

Multi-channel video installation.


Exploration of a man taking a bath.

Two-channel video installation.


This video investigates how meaning is constructed and deconstructed.

The Line

This video was projected behind the artist, as she meditated before an audience in a dark space.

Life is Art, Art is Life

The life of an art student.


This video represents the fragmented search to find meaning in the experiences we have.

small fry

An investigation of the mind.

Watch Where You Sit

Human nature is explored through colourful slime.

You Want Breakfast?

That time I fed my yoga mat breakfast.

quiet filth

A quiet moment of filth.

Temporary Permanence

Temporary Permanence explores the effects of living with chronic pain.